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DVAR – Elah

DVAR – Elah
Monopoly Records, 2012

When plants start to wake up after deep darkness of moony night, flowers open their leaf and make the first breathe with straightening of bees soft wings. Morning, flying on warm winds, loses itself on the shores of flamy daylight, melting on the sand like dying jellyfish.

Really calm and limpid music was presented by crazy DVAR in their ambient album. Like an artist creates every tiny smear and shade on the linen, this music paints rising of the sun, transition of colors, smells and sounds. Opening of the eyes seems to be so similar to awakening of glow, which blends with glance, with mind's overview. You can imagine like summer spirit is stretching out its hands and branches, kissing stoned valleys and frozen hills. Moans of mounts disperse silent of night waterfalls, that had got peace for the gloom term.

All cats are grey in the dark. Everything loses its form, when sleeping time comes, but the dawn gives shape to this world. Wise honeybee sting and die, little human can only sting just for saving his life...

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