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Shaula ‎– Medusae

Shaula ‎– Medusae
Rural Colours, 2012

Underwater world is sodden by different forms of life, beginning from microscopic plankton and miniature sea horse to massive whale and sinister devilfish. But there's one special creature, that is so awesome and inspire ‎– it's such a pretty medusa, which is too similar to its natural element.

Japanese ambient-maker Shaula had painted the motion of this beast in music. Slightly than water molecules, it filters oceans and seas, making them clearer. This sweet interaction supplements both. Fluid melodies flow down from their caps, sinking in warm flowing, reaching gulf stream.

Liquid mind of this music is capable to fill dry channels of human's outlook. Petting tired muscles, Medusae start to run through blood, soaking debris and atrophied ideas, transforming all to the pure and fresh state. It appears from a dark pool, shining and moving so slow, as it possible. Being so molluscous, this spirit essence follows by aqua. It's not afraid to die in stuck bay. Jellyfish fully had learn tide, catching a wave.

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