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Klaus Wiese – Geisha

Klaus Wiese – Geisha
Umbra, 1985

Like sacred cherry blossom, eyelashes up and down, harmonizing with seasons. What if all bright colors always fall from their tips?.. And the world gets flush, being just black-white and bare.

Behind crumbling of pink florets, which forming the floral wall, a figure of some woman start to appear in ambiance of aromas, spinning around paper umbrella. Landing to the ground, her tender motions merge with breeze, with airy murmuring of may-lilies. Possibly, she is an incarnation of first kiss, its impersonation in reality. Red seal on her lips is made by Sun – there's something, about what she can't talk – it's the seal of deep silence, which sleeps in caves, in meek jingle sounds.

Full regeneration with loss of face – the price of art dedication. This image comes true in Japanese Geisha – the keeper of old traditions, the man of art (to be more correctly, woman of art).

Klause Wiese, German sound fabler, sent one of his works directly to this character. Gentle tinkles are similar to her pace, that is so delicate and organic. Glance, fanned by swings of the color fan, falling apart into sea waves, smashing on the greenery of the rocks. Going with water spirit of a heron, she is dancing with mermaids, with  nymphs of the wood. That person, who adsorbed century mind flows, became identical to nameless cascades, which don't know about their sacrosanct beauty.

Music, that sounds by soft touches of romantic play, invites its listeners to the shore of lone diving into the sea, which is full of bottom glowworms, performing mild melodies on the luminous instruments.

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