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Vangelis With Stina Nordenstam ‎– Ask The Mountains

Vangelis With Stina Nordenstam ‎– Ask The Mountains
EastWest, 1996

It's the music, that flies into the space as an angelical dove. Such peaceful breathing of these melodies echoes with ether-flows and with gold sunbeams someplace above. Air start to paint cloud mountains, and all things on Earth get out of the gravity, reaching their fluffy tops and fusing in limpid haze.

Here is easy-going creation of two original musicians ‎– Vangelis (Greece) and Stina Nordenstam ‎(Sweden). 'Ask The Mountains' is kinda very sweet declaration of love to the world, that has a lot of unexplained charms, that you can only delight and admire. Outspread embrace of the Universe always waits for sincere feedback and all of these hopes are endless. All of the hopes sleeps at the gates of highland country, which is hidden behind heady elevation of the mount, that seems to be mortal and never-ending.

In an ambrosial language of music speaks the voice, that appeared from wild valley. It speaks by lovely twitters of tiny birds, which sing about elegance and grace of all creatures. May be, one day the birdies can turn into birds of Happiness. All depend on your own sight.

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