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Mathias Grassow – Alchemystery

Mathias Grassow – Alchemystery
gterma, 2012

This very famous German composer can amaze and fascinate the world again and again. Mathias Grassow is always a sound wizard, he is a magician of music, that came from unknown silent lands. Every album is definitely kind of star map, that mirrors celestial moving of creations, invisible for modern telescopes and for human's eyes. 

Mixture of "alchemistry" and "mystery" involves us to the otherworldly reality little by little, where the days are too long as the life is, where humanity speak the one language and nobody is afraid of dark and deep forests. Space is full of the greatest appeasement here, the sledge impact of sound's streams is in afford to break all doubts - the strength of people effects as such a powerful and reformative action. Feeling of time liquidity is going to be flown through your veins and brain. There's no place to hide from your own endless desires. The whole world suddenly turned into revelation temple. 

Magic of music swallows spirit up like black hole in mind's sectors. Ancient times are filling nowadays, and you start to understand, that they never disappeared.

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