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Dogi Balmo – Septology of Tibetan Mu Ya

Dogi Balmo – Septology of Tibetan Mu Ya
多吉巴姆  木雅七韵
Verycd, 2011

Fairy music from one, not so well-known, tibetan singer. I'll bet my life, her unbelievable singing can tear the whole world apart! It's a letter from one green and lush tree to another. It seems, the power of voice spreads everywhere, like almighty wind, that touches mellow ground and calmness of elevated mountains, which image the roots of nature. All start to respond and expend overall call everywhere as branches of long-term woods strew sky, reminding veins in heart. These songs are about how everything start to feel life.

Motion of vocal's attack gifts impression of never-forgettable meeting with a face of spring, her shape incarnates in blooming flowers, in first gentle snowdrops, that appeared with sunlight. Drums diversity sounds like steps on snow, disappearing in the warm air, that awakes grains and frosty waters. To be floating, to be levitated is so easy in spring. 

Listener is invited to amazing world, where all dreams can come true. Delight and inner words have been written on the rocks by secret whisper of hidden pixies. The travel dissolves in the smooth mountains lakes – everlasting land became the fountain of life and death, one point of two origins. The great chant of the world creates vibrations, that hold and grab the space.

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