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Dean Evenson – Wood Over Water

Dean Evenson – Wood Over Water
Soundings of the Planet, 2007

It's not a secret, that every deep-seated land or extended and open plateau speaks its own special voices ‎– these are native nature songs, tunes of the Earth heart. It's always a merger ceremony of flora and fauna wide diversity ‎– the realm, what is formed in great Peace. 

The New Age musician, Dean Evenson, is one of that people, who feels and fully understands our original relation with "Mother Nature". In any event, all his sound creations want to croon some immortal enigma, which has a rest on the other side of words, somewhere over the view, "Over Water". 

Gentle whisper of the wood flute images an ecumenical beauty of nature, streaming through melodies in life of everything, saturated by oxygen and existence. The harmony of ever-present water and wood thickens the air to infinite winds, breezing across the river with human's tiny boat. Only his own readiness to wallow fear of elements in his heart's rapid pulses guides the ship to lagoon of unshakable waves ‎– it's a place, where all boats, small and huge ones, find berth. 

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