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Alio Die & Parallel Worlds – Circo Divino

Alio Die & Parallel Worlds – Circo Divino
Hic Sunt Leones, Limited Edition, 2010

The path, which lays through some occult town, that was buried and deserted many centuries ago, can jumble lines on a hand of that invader, who had chosen to discover taboo lands, kingdom of infinite creatures and forgotten shadows. Nobody is alive there, but everybody has alert gaze. A low challenge calls from the calm rivers, mermaid's songs enlace and trap curiosity. It looks like a game of the always-suspecting mind, that can only make some guesstimates, not to know for real. It has a fear of life, a fear of itself and of anything divine. Therefore, this mind came in sight here, in a stage of the circus, where the main role is assigned for the viewer, who must play the last role in his life and to be lost for the world, to disappear for forever in time. 

Creative alliance of the dream-sounder Alio Die and mystic Bakis Sirros' "Parallel Worlds" had weaved very delicate and feeling-fulled music in "Circo Divino" album. Invisible structures of all ever untold words, of all possible events are projected on the list of thoughts, that appear from space like unpredictable rain. Now it's time to be careful with wishes, because everything may be turned into lovely music or just into debris. "Eyeglass" of the tune-drawing was putted on the listener, and only he can rule the way of plots and stories, he chooses the direction of going-on performance.

Dare of sweet twitters, calling magic soprano try to give a clue for something and want to confuse a hunter, in the same time. Where is the actual answer? Too many questions - too many ways, but true is barely one or none of them. No one can reflect for cry, thaintertwined by the own consciousness after-sounds. Music of stratify planes is formed of echoes patterns and melodies liquidity. Pulses always mix up in different speeds, tailing some glimpse. The object of the universal attention goes into eclipse. Now he's ready for playing for the most important part of his life: to fall into silver clouds, to shatter on the rocks without any remains. 

Circo Divino is an embodiment of the site, which is very easy to being found. It's not a place with turmoil of actors in masks. It’s even kind of the life stage, where living is only improvisation and divine existence.

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