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Uhushuhu – Onega (English version)

Uhushuhu – Onega

The Spirit of an ancient lake starts to emerging from water, when the moon is coming out on the night scenery of inmost lands – the Entity is extending in a form of soft mist along tranquil and subsided element. It becomes possible to contemplate on a water surface dreams of the lake's profound. What kind of stories and arcanums are hided by affluent terrestrial eyes? Edges of space and time are fading away, they are disappearing and slowing down, stretching and absorbing by massive and viscid cloud, that keeps four seasons, that keeps mystery's habitat places. Sphere, which was braiding of many energies, turns in the planet of thousands years ago. Its first settllers image themselves in the air, they are created of interwined forces of light and dark. Petroglyphs, that are inscribed on petrous sails of eternity, come to life and become a part of the universal view, which reveals pristine vastness, where were located all-breating and all-forming deities.

Such an impulsive and ample music in album Onega of Saint-Peterburg project Uhushuhu creates kind of special holistic world order, which involves Cosmos too. The sound flows and changes, it widens to incredible sizes, that embrace all scopes and hemispheres. Periods of time escape, it seems, coordinates of soul location are getting lost. Just in a moment listener detects himself inside pitch-dark wilds. There's so deep and so overwhelming, it's a region of strange beings and things, which are spying on you in different directions. It's impossible to see here sky or some groung beneath, and the only memory of native azure of the pond, that gave birth to all sounds in the whole world, doesn't let the attention to be seared even for one moment – melodies of splattering and spilling over water are reaching out all around. You can take the first step and right off the bat find yourself in an abyss of visions, surged like a wave. And only music will be run over the lake kinda obscure ripple on the offshore latitude.

The cosmic fragment of CD's soul
The version of Creation VI, that is presented in addition to CD, continues ode Onega, and it reaches its listeners in a plangent and spreading echo.Unity with nature of all things in the Earth, exactly that secret thread, which binds parts of the world, exudes here like mossy paths, criss-crossing forest monastery. And all the fields are filled with life, everything moves synchronously with tops of the pines, swinging from one side to another. Altogether, the album is meditative in some manner, you can feel yourself floating in a shallop lengthwise aqua valley. There could be a probability of  unexpected collapse of the sky in the thick of submarine kingdom. In this case the soil will be hanged over the head. The Lake, solely, always will stay on the middle. Drops, as separated particles, balance between two constitutive values. They're merging in some shapes in first, then in other figures. When the Creation gains quiescence and fixedness, all of the components find the global sonority, the global consonance. Starlight infiltrates through the layers of gloomy curdled clouds and it reflects from the clear superficies of firths, from the ongoing pelagic veil.

The Lords of the rivers and lakes, life-giving Naiads and water nymths, just by their dancing and laugh they shaking riverside herbs – the action excites lily buds and lotuse petals. Inside alga's depths, in the chasm of dizzy waters there's a wandering nomad, that now is dreaming of eternity. He's beholding the inexhaustibility of his own existence. He's erupting through the charming slumber, his heart became the origin of the aquatic stream, and his soul planted itself together with lake basins. The sounding of a chanting swirl and of a fluid epilimnion is spreading across-the-board, everyplace, far and near, far and wide... It's possible to see only the soft mist over an ancient Lake...

Handcrafted inside envelope is made of rice paper,
which was blessed by Tea Spirit
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