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Terje Isungset — Winter Songs

Terje Isungset — Winter Songs
All Ice Records, 2010

North winds sing about crystal peace, which is spreaded everywhere in silver waves of furry snowing. This land of limpid silence can involve in its inside practically every movement. Eternal winter needs no sun because of that ever-present whiteness — it's all-sufficient, it's perfect. Being involved in northland, you'll hear a secret whisper of Snow Queen, which can indicate or, vice versa, tangle right paths. All depend on your attention and on your desire to develop life and music of the promised land.

Incredibly «cold» music was presented by jazz improviser, Terje Isungset, who is from faraway Norway. Such music kinda songs of those ghosts, which inhabit ice castles. But why and how can it so cold? You may not believe, but all of the instruments, that musician used in this album, were made of ice! Percussion is the most, but the hole range of mystic sounds includes ice guitar, ice horns and even ice harp! It's a real fascinating arctic magic, indeed. They are hand-made, of course, and cutted out of glaciers, mostly. Extraordinary and very inventive way to get original winter sounds makes these songs the most winter ones, because they are created by winter time itself. It's a journey to the freezing valleys, where you can dance with snowmen and with blizzards. Frosty freshness will shroud a body, telling warm fairy-tales about spring fountains. Picturesque Nordic folklore will begin to extend in front of the eyes, immersing its wards deeper and deeper in cold worlds of epic and enchanting ages.

Iced territories sound by trembling of delicate icicles. Mysterious silence vow of ice is broken in this music of northern breathes. If you believe in their arcanums, you will contemplate polar lights!

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