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Tuluum Shimmering ‎– Before Us Is Our Ocean

Tuluum Shimmering ‎– Before Us Is Our Ocean
Rotifer Cassettes, 2013

Serenity of sapphirine ocean, that's such an unshakeable in the sunny day, is just outside state of the aquatic world. The truth is always inside – deep and deep in a blue light, disappearing in a dive. Some magic is hidden on the ocean's bottom. May be there are gold and treasure of Poseidon, that he keeps in secret. May be there is some infinite power, which saves sacredness of waters. How does the ocean live, when its waves are calm and mild? The truth is that it sings a gentle song to all of the inhabitants. And all creatures of life send this eternal love back to it. Sounds of mystic profound fascinate and amaze. What if human being is similar to oceans and we have extensive «water area» inside? How often do you sing inner chants, when you're really happy?

Ocean of Tuluum Shimmering, of one english musician (his name is Jake Webster), breathes by dreamy music. Charming tunes of this tape are very tender and sweet. They can continue for miles and miles, and you won't get tired or bored. It's like to swing aboard a small boat, smiling to the torrid sun and playing windy melodies on a tiny guitar. Clearly, it's a music of summer time. It's a music of happiness, that we could ever feel. Anyway, this positive wavy loop is close to some candor of glad well-being. May be dolphins warble a song like this one, while they ride sea tides. Or, for example, it even can be about underwater adventures of SpongeBob and his friends! «Who lives in a pineapple under the sea?..» Imagination can invent more and more associations or different shapes about it. But all depend on listening, of course. I'm sure, that music of «Before Us Is Our Ocean» won't leave somebody unmoved. Even when it's cold outside, «our ocean» can always be warm and animate as for ourselves, as for others. 

Amatory aqua merges with skyline, when it's overall calm. It becomes hard to distinguish, where water, sky or ground are. Spaceless seascape takes you away from the gravity and from all of the commonplace. It's so simple to turn into some fairy creature or into a land breeze, into a brisk fish. Time of peacefulness has a value in all worlds. It's so easy to hold it on during listening to wonderful music like this.

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