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Vägilased — Ema õpetus

Vägilased — Ema õpetus
Self-released, 2006

Jolly folksy music from Estonia. These pleasant melodies draw environment down, whistling some light tunes. Universe of dolly fairy tales had come to be alive, and a great range of magic things became real. The songs are very sincere, they tell us what happiness is all about.

In my opinion, it's very exclusive music, but in general, it's close to finnish folk. No doubt, these are songs of Nordic people, you can feel it in the air. Such childish warbles call for dance, for harlequinade in some wooden house, that covered from snow and cold winds by warmth of human's heart and by woolen patterns of winter overcoats. This album is something like invitation to a friendly atmosphere of not so famed estonian music.

The first that you hear is a jew's-harp, which beat is very brisk. Predominantly, all songs are dynamic, sounding and very contagious. But to be catched by them is highly nice. Let's deepen in this world, where are a lot of interesting cultures, which sing about certain territory, about certain people. Now you can try to investigate it by yourself. Rejoice!

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