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Japanese Traditional Music — Gagaku

Japanese Traditional Music — Gagaku
King Records, 1990

Ongoing music, that streams like regained spring rill, which achieves every small country, enters in space and connect lands, regions, human souls. Her charms are unpredictable, her power is endless. It's something more, than just languages, that tear such a big world on parts. The great destination of music lurks in the opposite  to spread everywhere, to relate black and white, to be a perineum-area for sky and ground. This highest joining contains in every unobtrusive sound, in holistic silence  music's massage, that can't be quiet or loud. 

Graceful tune patterns illuminate expanse, as if spinning scapes pullulate the Earth. High-pitched lengths seem like a song of flying cranes. Nature of the ancient times starts to appear in thousands of shapes. That all is about Gagaku  unearthly soundings, that came from Japan in the 7th century. It's the oldest classical Japanese music, which presents the first drone. This traditional and very minimal kind of playing was a kind of inspiration for well-known minimalist La Monte Young and his "Trio Fro Strings", 1958. 

Elevated melodies of Gagaku linger slow and really imposing. I can suppose, that every philharmonic "sweet tooth" appreciate such a delightful and stretchy nougat. Delicious... is the only word, that can be flown out of whispering lips. Spellbinding tappings of percussion immerse ambiance in fairy tale, which is filled by phantom entities. Their celestial movements create poetic reality, where all things are involved in magic flight and subtle dance. Just imagine this air journey, ethereal interplay. In this case, music is the best. 

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