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Creation VI / Nemertis split

Creation VI / Nemertis split, 2012

Macrobiosis, holding on the tips of minimal segments, comes through layers of dreams, nightmares and then, in order to draw in details mold pattern of visible vigil, gifts volume and size to that space, which was born in the pacific age's phase. One world is combined between inverted poles of sandglass, that rolls life's ways into compass - in the only one point of location, where oceans seem to be not just unending, but skyline-lack. The view, which is father any horizon, can go for a tour across territories and countries, investigating full diversity of inner sounds  a treasure of the settlements, buried under daylight veils. It's arriving without traveling, when the great experience of communication and original interaction with native planet begins in your own mind, your own soul, not somewhere abroad. All secrets, clues and answers are near of us, and nothing can be the one frame or the one standpoint identified.

Such curious discovery of backstage, of over curtain process was presented by two music projects, Creation VI (Ukraine) and Nemertris (Belarus), in compositions, that are predominantly based on recordings of guitar. Reverence to surrounding and microscopic motions makes this music naturalistic  like some entomologist explores flapping insect. Distorted noises and melodies can map hypodermic sensations  kind of fear to dance  "chorophobia" in the track list. Here is a feeling, if as a chair could move its clumsy limbs. Consciousness images pulses, that merger with frontage and dispart into fragments of reality, which paint false mirror with its wiredrawn caricatures. 

This music speaks in Wonderlandish. There's neither laws of gravity nor linguistics  only clear contemplation and fresh air. Graceful nature floats numbers of elements, in all. But the combinations can be infinite, reservoirs are always revolving and cyclic. Playing, that is flavored by fantasies and whispering of fancy muses, routes to region of mute, to naked masquerade.

Extraordinary talking with otherworldly beings is changing weather and climates every moment. The truth of what happening is puzzled... And each new question turns into rhetorical one, slowly falling down with color leaves of back end...

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