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Tam Po-shek — Bamboo Zen

Tam Po Shek — Bamboo Zen
譚寶碩 — 簫中禪
HUGO, VeryCD, 2005

Night is a very special term, it's a stage of color overflows, a metamorphosis of twilight. Dreamy elves wake up for their forest games, every undercover duty feels this time. Now each sound should be careful, like soft wing bubbling of night-fly. Arcane orchestra composed of tender soughs, that echoes with lovely songs of flutes and pipes.

Calligrapher and flute virtuoso from China, Tam Po-shek, wants to tell us about this ritual period in his very meditative creation —  Bamboo Zen. The mystery of the night begins to penetrate into lungs with rainy air. Dissolving in breathing and blowing, music circulates high and low, animating shady plants and flowers. Fascinating hazes of existence mix up with sonority of wood sound waves. The moon, which kings waters and rivers, extends her light to the underground founts, granting them silver feature. Warm tones of environment blend the calm winds, performing universal symphony.

Wistful flute warbles like nightingale, that sings in solitude. Profounds of inside reflection vibrate sensitive clouds, dispeling nebula and gloom. Aurora rising signed awaking of life, erasing beginning and the end of time.

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