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Tom Newman – Faerie Symphony

Tom Newman – Faerie Symphony
Decca, 1977

Fabulous reality used to open its gates, when the evening star, Hesperus, floats above. Colors of nighttime are dappled, you can see anyone and anything in such an imaginary gloom . It seems, that every shrubbery or wood can move by limbs. From the depth of dark forest you start to capture light soundings – quiet and stealthy songs of thicket's spirits. Sounds are very attractive and tempting, your legs lead you to that mystic coven by themselves. Louder and louder – they are dreaming through the crowns – now ambience is so clear, all happens in the front of your сharmed eyes. Faeries and other entities are making circules of wet grass by their dances. Freshy and teeny dews smile and laugh, moveing away deeper and deeper to the forest, calling their special guest far into the backwoods.

A charming work, Faerie Symphony, that directed to the myths and legends of Great Britain, can tell us a lot of enigmatical stories in its music. A style of it is very dreamy and fairy-taly, here you can hear weird mix of a great range of folk instruments. Tom Newman, a little-known composer of this creation (he also can be more recognizable because of his cooperative music experiments with progressive rock musician Mike Oldfield), tried to combine a sound of electric guitar with traditional exemplars like flute, bagpipes and other ones. So, it had come out kinda in a celtic manner with moments of solemnity, epic and epopee, like some cortege of knihts or dances of elegant ladies. Drawing near, being in a distance, music invites its visitors into the world of fantastic tales, into a glee of kindness. In some ways, it's even similar to a book for child, it's very lively, lovely and brisk. It has mythical mind, and these compositions are silent in their words, but in order to develop and shake up imagery of man, to excite his creative side of consciousness.

It's kind of music, that can breathe, that has its own history and kingdom. Beautiful melodic overflows find out their soundcourses in playful sounds and tunes, that jump and reel like some fantasy creatures, which faces are colorful and mimic to growth and greens. Let's be careful and highly attentive, if we want to catch up this spirit of legends and if we want to note faeries soft steps on the rainy ground, that can guide to magic and elfish jamboree.

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