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Chinese Ancient Music - Picture Of Primitive Hunting
China Record Corp. Guangzhou, 2003

Music worlds, that can be opened to receiver, are always wide and sprawling to be explored just by abstract audition. It's always deep listening, complete involvement and merger with every sound. Globalization, that try to grab the whole world nowadays, the whole habits or cultures of many independent countries with its own traditions and life style, which is more appropriate for the territory, distance (or attempt to do it) people in such an abstract direction from the key verity of ancient content, that is, in fact, one of the main parts of their beings too. It's not so easy to save traditions in their natural state, because of different influences, that can spread like some plague. Isn't globalization that "plague", but transformed in the modern form? Very interesting route to think about. Anyway, it (globalization) has its advantages as some other phenomenon. But what was the earlier shape of humanity and their culture? The answer is inside us. And also, inside music - one obvious advent of deity.

Now let's move to ancient China, the oldest civilization. Its native traditions are saved for these days. You stay in the front of picture, that was archaeologically found in location of present China. It is about the first and primitive methods of living and about of interaction with environment. You can probably imagine all atmosphere of pervasive silence, when some sounds or words just started to appear and even didn't start to. Immovable faces of hunters, contemplating the dawn, say a lot. Whispers of bushy foliage don't disturb their internal flairs or insight. They can listen only themselves, no outsiders. Moans of mountains seem like it's music of their own. Every rustle and every animal's death is soul's sides of that hunters. Everything take a part in a joint existence. Sounding of nature consists of various quiet bells, the wood instruments play like there is no someone who can vibrate them out. And this mysterious trip of yours turned into global thoughts, that were inspired just by one little picture in time preserved.

Chinese Ancient Music, Picture Of Primitive Hunting is the first part of 8 CD's traditional music digest. It's invitation to get a knowledge of very old culture just by listening long-ago motives. Once again, it tells us about the great power of music.

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