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Rutsubo – Zakuro (English version)

Rutsubo – Zakuro
Omnimemento, 2014

Everything, that could ever happen, started just from slight, mild breath, becoming bigger and bigger. Then it had been continued to thrive to the universal sizes. Light-minded wind, that was hanging out among blooming and curling plants and trees, finally had hidden inside soft-toned pattern of haircap moss. Microscopic world, which never knew any rustle or something like this, was set in motion – moire veils were sparkling by all colors of the rainbow. Picturesque landscapes-sensations, drawn by imagination, were overflow one to another little by little, breathing very flutter. It looked like someone was turning pages of a book, that is twisted of subtle and supple lianas. Some crystal and argent music could even come in sight there, it was played by dewdrops – they were interflowing in and formed one big symphony-lake. Its sounds metamorphosed and turned into animate dragonflies, butterflies and moths; all of them flied away in different directions around the whole world, transferring on the wings and spreading everywhere this strange harmony of soughs, guggles and tiny murmurs.

Dense jungles of shamanic drone, that was represented here by a project, which named itself like Rutsubo, frizzle in very faddish and exceptional way. Telling the truth, four musicians, who were indicated in the opposite side of the CD, aren't some newcomers (in some sense) – it's just a joint magic music session of original and inventive Jüppala Kääpiö, dreamy Sunhillow and multidimensional Uton. It's some kind of hopeful and enchanting collaboration, indeed. But what do these short and terse notions in the title mean, «Rutsubo Zakuro»? We can only guess or vaguely imagine something about its mysterious content, even more in an intuitive way. Probably, it's an ancient japanese spell, which might be uttered by someone, and then, you'll suddenly find yourself in the Kingdom of Crooked Mirrors or in the parallel universe of microcosm, where all of the dwellers talk by strange interjections. You can only pronounce «Rutsu bo Zakuro........», and the actual reality is starting to melt like some resin or metal. All things are merging and concentrating just in one point, being rolling out again in a carved lacy fan – but proportions will be completely different and color spectrum will be changed too. A music teleport of this spellful album translocates listeners inside phantom and ephemeral hyperspace, where feelings can be mixed up. In that imaginable world you can easily pave an infinite number of ways and also investigate them.

Tweet, tweet, tweet... warbles of outlandish birds reach out of the woods. These are melodies, that fade away on inhalation and that sound on exhalation. It seems, that miniature creatures play the harmonica, and each one of them can be placed just in an every single hole of it. Delayed and slow-motion flowers dancing so leisurely in the light of Night queen. Their meditative buds turned into paletteful placers of luminescent orbs, that contemplate the sky and that watch the movements of planets and stars – they are flowing along smooth surface of the space. Bright and brisk clouds of muffle fragrances circulate everywhere, they relieve from the open cosmic extent, if it could be kind of ancient incense burner. These flavors are reaching the Earth, turning into gentle floral notes, which are soaking by green meadows, outer woods and aquamarine lagoons. All-embracing Sang starts to branching on patterns and fractals of firry limbs, it's taking shape and form of exotic plants – ramose spirals braid volumes of transforming wasteland.

Different kinds of rock stones mix up in a swelling hum – old-world letters and predictions are drawing by some nameless energy from distinct parts of the species. Squashy sounding flurry is falling by loud echoing silence on new-created vast. The only drum beats and pulses get going inside quagmire, that are becoming a dream, may be even a song. All action is disappearing with the wind. Everything starts again and again.

The design and characters are really wonderful and imaginative

Rut su bo Za ku ro...

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