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Alio Die & Jack Or Jive ‎– Mei-Jyu

Alio Die & Jack Or Jive ‎– Mei-Jyu
Projekt Records, 2005

Alpine fresh got down to the field and met the sun inside little bells of shy flowers. Tears of the mountain had been filling low ground, until plants and all of the green were faded in these places. There's something about human life too – it's possible, that some eternity's dew was penetrated into the core of our being, and it gives living to everything, that we touch and feel. But can it has a death rate? Does it live forever? May be, the real sunshine isn't anywhere over kilometres or over thousands of light-years. Somebody thinks, it's closer, than most of people believe or even imagine.

Mei-Jyu – is the word of Zen outlook, which makes mention about eternal light, that is located inside of human mind, inside of his true nature. It means, all of us have our own temple, that shines through time and ashy ages. The spirit is the only shelter in the whole world. Mei-Jyu says, that men can spread glow right from the inside. 

Italian ambient-maker, Alio Die, and japanese duo, Jack Or Jive, united their music talents in order to create such a glare album, that was dedicated to that aforesaid state of consciousness ‎– Mei-Jyu. It's kinda lullaby for our constant rush. Music is very magnificent and exceptional. Vocals of Chacko, who is a singer in Jack Or Jive, are special, they are so calm, as quiet waters. In the same time, the voice seems to be spontaneous and animate. To be dived in its gentle overflows is such a delight. Atmosphere of some unearthly journey inducts the listeners for an ethereal route, and miracles, that were hiding in the heart of sounding, start to happen everywhere, taking away all sorrows. This work is very meditative, it's scattering like smooth fog, that gives a kiss to mild glades. Harmonic ambience similar to a morning light, which is not so bright and blinding as a midday's one. You know, some statement of Zen mind says: what really shines, that is dark to be seen. 

The silent vow of music is to talk about silence. It's a birthplace of all things on Earth, the wisest entity of them. Can you find the silence in this album?..

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